Companies Are Making Big Money Doing Annoying Things..

This weekend I saw the new Spiderman movie on IMAX 3D. It’s not that the movie was bad. It’s just that, other than swaping out a few actors and actrices, there was barely an ounce of imagination applied to the same story and cinematic style that very recently went through a 3-movie series.

I’m a big Spiderman fan. In fact, it’s no coincidence that as I type this post, I’m drinking from my favorite Spiderman coffee mug. But, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed that Hollywood packaged up and spit out basically the exact same movie that came out in 2002.

The reality is that this new movie is making a ton of money. That’s because we all went and saw the first three and now we are all paying big bucks to go see this new one. It made me think about some of the industries making big bucks with annoying products or services or strategies. Hey entrepreneurs out there, doesn’t that last sentence seem wrong to you?!

For example, take the cable television industry. If I want to (legally) watch my favorite sporting events, I have to pay $30 a month for a package of TV channels – 98% of which I will never watch. [Sorry Kardashians.]

What about when I visit a website that I like, but after clicking on every single link on the page, I’m forced to watch a 10 second promo for the next show on TBS or told that now’s the time to buy a new Toyota. [We don’t need cars in NYC].

Sooner or later, Hollywood is going to regret all the unimaginative, regurgitated movies they throw at us, I’ll be able to watch TV a-la-carte, and companies with massive TV and Internet media buys will lose to competitors who treat their brands more like personalities than digital billboards. That’s because creative people will get so tired of these things the way they are that they’ll do something about it.

But as long as these culprits keep making money, they’ll continue to do what they’re doing. So really, it’s my fault that the new Spiderman is what it is. I went to the first Spiderman movie twice in the theater and was there opening weekend for all the rest of them. I wouldn’t be surprised if some Hollywood exec has a picture of me in the office for everyone to laugh at on their way to the bank.

Anyhow, I hear entrepreneurs (including myself) talk a lot about “finding the right idea”.  Instead of wracking our brains, there are big opportunities all around us. Just look at some of the industries making big money doing annoying things – and set out on a mission to disrupt them. It won’t be easy, but the payoff will be huge.  Boxee’s doing it.  Soundcloud and Spotify did it.  GoChime and many others are working on it.  Why not you too!?