The Right Way vs. The Wrong Way..

If you’re building something, you probably won’t find any shortage of people telling you what’s the “right” way and the “wrong” way of doing it.

Web-development as a great example. If there’s one thing that the Internet has plenty of, it’s opinions about the right way and wrong way to develop web apps.

Don’t get me wrong, there are endless examples of times when the right way of doing things is absolutely important. Building a bridge, or performing surgery, to name a couple.

But in other situations, like pursuing new business ideas, writing code to test an idea, creating our artwork, making things, sometimes progress is more important than potentially doing something “wrong”.

The fear of failure is the hurdle that stops us from taking action.  But even after we do take action, our inclination to over-analyze and  “do things right”, is what holds us back from actually getting anywhere.

We should accept that we’ll probably break stuff. We might even have to fix it all and start from scratch completely.  But if we get to that point, at least it means we found something worth re-building, something worth fixing. What a blessing that would be.

  • Brett Northart

    This is great, love it!

    • Trevor McLeod

      Thanks bro.  You’re right.  Fear of failure and a desire to do everything perfectly are the two hurdles that most of us get stuck on I think.

      I think Khalil Gibran said it best – “advancing is perfection”.